I worked with Brian for over a year on the official daily show for YouTube entitled YouTube Nation, produced by DreamWorks Animation. He managed a team of coordinators who on a daily basis had the Herculean task of identifying and communicating with rights holders with the assistance of Google. He was responsible for the enormous task of creating and implementing systems for obtaining permission from YouTube creators and partners, MCNs and traditional media outlets and ultimately informing producers which content could be featured. Brian is meticulously organized, a consummate clearance professional and very passionate about rights and clearances. I highly recommend him! Any production hiring Brian would benefit greatly by his vast knowledge, experience and expertise in the rights and clearances arena.
Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation TV
Brian is a smart and practical collaborator who does what it takes to get the  job done in a timely and efficient manner.  I’ve never worked with a better clearance executive, and I’d recommend him without reservation.
Richard Marks, Entertainment Lawyer, The Point Media
I have now used Clearly Right Entertainment on my last four productions and I have nothing but the highest praise for their work. I have been extremely impressed by their professionalism, their ability to solve what have seemed like insurmountable problems, and the orderly fashion in which they have provided us our final deliverables.  Prior to using Clearly Right Entertainment, our rights and clearance issues have been significant and very time consuming.  I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that we don't have to worry about these issues any longer and we can focus our energies on the creative process where they belong.
Kevin MacLellan, Chairman, NBCUniveral International
Brian is truly superstar.  He is a pleasure to work with and THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN when it comes to clearances.  If I could work with him on every show, I would in a heartbeat.
Eli Holzman, President, All3Media America
Look no further….Brian Potter is your guy. I have used him on multiple shows over the years and could not be more impressed with his professionalism, drive and overall positive attitude. Whereas most Clearance companies just "do the job", Brian digs in and pushes for maximum results, all while minding the budget and maintaining positive relationships. However what impresses me most is his "don't take no for an answer" mentality. It's because of this that I feel extremely confident that the job will get done anytime Brian is involved. Make your life easy and call him. Always a pleasure to work with, reasonable and a damn hard worker. A true triple threat.
Noah Beery, VP of Production, Endemol USA
I have worked with Brian and Clearly Right Entertainment on a number of television programs and always recommend his licensing services to my clients.  Given his reputation and relationships with all of the studios and licensing vendors used by most programs, he is able to secure terms that are always extremely favorable to my clients.  He is also incredibly reliable and works in an expedient manner which is often required in television production.  I look forward to working with Brian on many more projects in the future and highly recommend him to anyone looking for any licensing needs.
Jasmine Abedi, Entertainment Attorney
Brian's attention to detail, cost reporting and ability to look at the big picture makes my job much easier…Being able to trust the information presented is priceless and Brian has never let me down!
Steve Markowitz, Line Producer, Kathy: Season 2
Brian is the most thorough R&C person you'll ever meet. His knowledge, speed and attention to detail is second to none. I've worked with him on two shows now and can attest his work is impeccable.
Greg Christense​n, Executive Producer
Rights and Clearances is the one area of any budget that I find most intimidating because it is here where the most financial damage can be done. As a business owner there is nothing I feel more vulnerable to and concerned about. Having an R&C person on board whom I can trust on every level is invaluable to our company.  Brian Potter has been hired for just about every show we have ever produced over the past seven years (several hundred hours of programming) and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project whatsoever.  We have never had a single issue nor have I lost a moment’s sleep when Brian is overseeing this department.  Added to this is the simple fact that he is an absolute joy to work with and brings nothing but positive energy to every show he is a part of.  And most important of all: He’s so hooked up in town that he saves us a ton of money by cutting amazing deals!  He is truly the best!
Theresa McKeown, Former COO and Executive Producer, Dalaklis McKeown Entertainment, Inc.
Anyone looking for a rights and clearance specialist needs Brian Potter. He closes deals quickly and efficiently even when faced with small budgets, ridiculously fast turnarounds, and mountains of clips. His knowledge of clearance issues is impressive, and he can be counted on to formulate creative, practical solutions to the most frustrating situations. Plus, his extensive connections allow him to get the best prices out there. If Brian can’t make the deal, then the deal cannot be made. He is hands down the most professional, trustworthy, wonderful clearance person I’ve worked with in all my years of practice.
Colette Sartor, Entertainment Attorney
Few people really understand and appreciate the difference a truly First-Class Rights & Clearances Supervisor can make to a reality or clip show until you don't have one. Brian Potter and his formidable team are the crème de la crème: wildly talented and amazingly resourceful negotiators who move heaven and earth to get production what it needs, on time, and (wherever possible) within or under budget. There are many R&C people to choose from in Hollywood, but Brian Potter has created the one and only R&C ‘Dream Team’.
Elisa Rothstein, Executive Producer/Showrunner
On Starface, we needed a huge volume of photo clearances, saddled with a limited budget and a tight schedule. Taking on what seemed an impossible task, Brian and his team members were able to exceed our unrealistically high expectations and, as an executive producer, he made my job a lot easier.
Jeff Rothberg, Executive Producer, “Starface" for GSN
I have worked with Brian on numerous productions. Whenever there is a need for a Rights and Clearances Specialist he is hands down my first phone call. Brian is the consummate professional, an excellent negotiator and works well in demanding, deadline driven environments.
Jill Michelle Williams, Freelance Producer, NBC, MTV, Showtime, WE and E!
By far the best R&C company I have worked with! If you don’t want to worry about going over budget and have invoices come in months after the project is complete then Clearly Right Entertainment, Inc. is your best bet!
Shanon Smith, Executive Director of Production, OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network)
The very first time I worked with Brian Potter, he was called in to fix a clearance situation the night before my production's on-air premiere. He worked late into the evening to secure clearances for my show, and thus began a beautiful working relationship.
Kim Tracy Prince, Television Producer
Brian Potter is ambitious and eager in all the right ways. He happens to be one of the best human beings I know, period. Wit, charm, humor and diligence. Killer combo!
Andrew Oldershaw, Original Programming, LOGO/MTV Networks
Where as other people talk about doing things, Brian gets things done. He knows his stuff and is awesome to work with. When I get hired to do a show which requires R&C, Brian is always my top pick, as well as everyone else’s on the show, too!
Heather Bishop, Freelance Producer
Clearly Right Entertainment is by far the most professional and dedicated clearance company I have ever worked with. Brian, the brains behind the operation, is simply put: the best in the business. I would never produce a clip show or any other kind of film or TV production with heavy clearance issues without Brian and his team.
Bob Asher, Executive Producer
If you need to get it done fast, cost efficiently and with all the paperwork to back it up – hire Brian! He’s a fantastic asset to any production with a wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll feel great leaving any and all Rights and Clearances up to him.
Camilla Davenport, Freelance Producer
As a former R&C soldier I can separate the pretenders from the contenders, and Brian is a champion. I can't think of a better rights and clearances executive.
Scott Sala, Supervising Producer, E! News Now